Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hacking Facebook Account In Simple Steps | The Easier Way

Previously, we discussed one  method of hacking Facebook account password – using Phishing. Today, I am back with another method of hacking Facebook account useful for those whose victim does not check his/her emails regularly. This time we will use the Password recovery feature of Facebook. I have given all the details of hacking Facebook account in the article below. Please move further.

Facebook has introduced a feature of using “Recovering password using Trusted Friends”. In this feature, if we have lost our Facebook account password, Facebook will send the security code to 3 friends. We have to ask those 3 friends for the security codes and after entering them, we can reset Facebook password.
So, in this hack, we will use this feature for hacking Facebook account password. So, you have to create 3 fake accounts and make sure that your victim adds them as his friends. So, your 3 fake accounts must be listed in your victim’s Friends list. Now, if we use the above “Trusted friends” feature for resetting victim’s Facebook password, Facebook will send the security code to our 3 fake accounts and we can easily hack Facebook account.You can use Social engineering skills so that your victim will have no doubt while accepting your fake account as his friend. This is the only tricky part of the hack.
Also, the fake accounts must be at least a week old. Once you are done with fake accounts, move to the steps below.

                                                  Let The Hack Begin:

So, let us start with the steps for hacking Facebook account password.
1. Go to Facebook.com and hit on Forgot Password link to get this page:
2. You have to enter the email of the victim, or even the Facebook profile name will do. Facebook will search for profile name and you will be shown the account. Hit on “This is my account”
3. On the next page, hit on “No longer have access to these”.
4. You will be prompted for email address. Enter your email address here and hit on “Submit”.
Facebook will ask you ask you to answer the Security question. No worries here. Just enter the wrong answer 3 times and you will move to this page:
5. Now comes the real hacking part. After hitting on Continue, Facebook will ask you to select the 3 Trusted Friends. Your 3 fake accounts (created previously) will be listed in the Friends list of the victim. Select those 3 Fake accounts. Facebook will send security codes to these Fake accounts (which are our accounts). Now, enter the 3 security codes. Facebook will send Password Recovery Email at your email you’ve entered in Step 4. You can easily change password of your friend’s account.
Thus, you are successful in hacking Facebook account password of your friend.
Note: The victim will be emailed about the password change. So, this method of hacking Facebook account is useful only for those whose victim does not check emails regularly.
I hope you now well approached with this method of hacking Facebook account password. Just make sure that the victim will add your fake accounts as his friend. This is the only tricky part of this Facebook hack. If you have any problem in this method of hacking Facebook account password, please mention it in comments.

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